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Hello, I'm Raven the MSpaint Bunny, and welcome to the Bunnie Burrow! This is my cozy little den where I talk about and share different art and media. Feel free to go down the many tunnels and see what you can find! Please note that I don't keep mobile, Chromebooks, or VERY small laptops in mind while making this. This site is not intended for people under the age of 13! Hope you like my burrow!

4-5-24 The links page has been updated! More buttons and resources have been added.

4-2-24 Hope you liked the cats and dogs hahaha things are back to normal now!

3-31-24 OH NO it's raining cats and dogs and I don't have treats :( the strom should pass tuesday!

3-26-24 Just some small changes to other pages

3-25-24 V4 of home page is done :D wowow I just want to thank all of you for the suport it means a lot! My site is gonna have a bit of an overhaul so some pages might break a little bit...sorry

2-29-24 Happy leap year yall! Just made some small changes nothing much

2-23-24 The art archive has gotten a HUGE update hope you like my 2024 art :D also the about is so close to being done I just don't have the time to work on it at the moment.

2-6-24 Fixed a few things nothing major!

2-5-24 added new 'links' page!

1-21-24 I drew the web 14 censor panda in my style so it matches my site more also the home page and new about me are almost done!

1-14-24 Art archive updated

12-28-23 1 YEAR YIPPIE my site is 1 year old today :D

12-26-23 WOW WOW WOW I got so much cool stuff I can't wait to put all of it in my room! Hope everyone had a good Christmas too!

12-25-23 Merry Christmas gamers B) oh also my sites 1st anniversary is the 28th! Ty for the support so far it means a lot!

12-23-23 Sonic shrine is pretty much done! I want to add a collections page so you can see all the weird niknacks I have.

12-22-23 New layout WHAT!? I got bored of my old one so I did this!

12-19-23 New art in art archive also added new shrines page + button!

Favorite "worst" sonic game?
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